English ex 3 pg 68, ex 2 pg 69 14.12.2020

3 Are these statements true or false?

a) The author’s girlfriend had a holiday romance in Belgium.(True)

b) The author was extremely upset. (True)

c) His father lent him money to go travelling.(False)

d) He left England by train. (False)

e) He missed England at first. (True)

2 Read the extract again. Are these sentences true
or false?

a) The lagoon is visible from the sea. (False)

b) There’s a wall of rock overlooking the beach.(False)

c) The beach is unspoilt by fishermen. (True)

d) Waterfalls are found in different parts of the
island. (False)

e) The island has forests all around it. (False)

f) Large groups of people visit the island. (True)

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